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100% success rate!

"Hit the road, have families and be the best parents
you can be, there is no greater joy than that"

Guy Tatsa, a gay dad

About Baby Bloom

It took us 3 years of fighting the system and it’s various institutions to finally be able to offer a revolutionary approach to surrogacy – the “100% guaranteed” process which allows you to know you will reach your destination, no matter what. Cast away your fears and doubts, as we at Baby Bloom aim to find the ideal solution for each future parent, as we’ve successfully done this far.

After closely and personally accompanying over 70 couples, we have gathered significant and useful experience and knowledge, which allows us to fully understand what’s required for a successful completion of this complex process for our clients. Each client is teamed up with a producer and personal consultant, who stay on board and offer support throughout the entire process.

Baby Bloom's work is based on three main principles:

Confidence – 100% guarantee of you having a child!

Our process was designed to be the optimum solution, assisted by the world’s leading, most professional social and medical institutions. Our solution is based on an agreement that means the medical fertility clinic will provide all of its necessary services, within the same fixed payment agreed upon, which will not change until you have your child.

Personal guidance and complete production

From the moment you decide to embark on this incredible journey, until you return home with your newborns, Baby Bloom will accompany you and produce the entire process for you. Our job is to coordinate the process between over 50 different professionals and institutions all over the world, and to be there for you during the important moments and hard decisions. We provide a variety of services throughout the process, such as a special service for all clients – a personal guide and project manager who will guide and coach you all the way.

Localizing the process

Localizing the process allows you and us both peace of mind and maximum efficiency – at minimum cost. Over more, it promises optimal control over the various parties involved. We make sure that the surrogate, the donor, the surrogacy agency and the fertility clinic are all found in the same state.

Stages of the surrogacy process:

The surrogate

We match intended parents with surrogates who share the same aspirations about their journeys.

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The donor

We will help you filter and eventually choose the perfect donor…

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The procedure

The in vitro fertilization (IVF), the moment all the magic happens

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The pregnancy

we are here to help you find the right match and make sure you understand all the relevant medical attributes as well.

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The birth

We will take care of all the necessary paperwork so you can concentrate solely on the joys of becoming parents.

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The surrogacy process is highly complex and that is why Baby Bloom was founded – to offer you guidance in every step of the way.

10 good reasons for choosing Baby Bloom

100% guarantee! We significantly reduce the risks of the process. All medical risks are now taken on by the clinic – not by you


We conduct a strict professional filtering of surrogates, based on medical and personal parameters. We focus on locating women who find personal and emotional meaning in their ability to help you start a family


You can choose between many beautiful, smart and fertile donors, who passed medical and genetic screening, before being added to the database


We conduct a localization of the process – surrogate, donor, clinic and agency, all in the same state. This arrangement saves you money and allows optimal control in terms of legal and security issues


We will provide you with a personal producer, who will accompany you for a year and a half, and represent you in front of dozens of professional entities.


The power of collective purchase – groups who make purchases in coordination with multiple service providers can significantly reduce costs and help make the process optimal.


The Baby Bloom family – clients who are already in the process or have finished it, are a great source of social and emotional support. A group gathers every month to share and receive first-hand information and advice.


Always alert – Baby Bloom is constantly looking for the most efficient way, in a dynamic legal and medical environment, for reducing costs, optimizing success rates, getting full confirmations from service providers and more


Baby Bloom is highly experienced in U.S. Surrogacy procedures and offers this experience for your own use and benefit


The true “gospel” of Baby Bloom – a promise for a family with two kids, or more!


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